Warranty conditions

We are so confident in the quality of our toothbrushes that we offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. But to guarantee this, it is important that you take good care of your Boombrush.

This means that if you neglect your toothbrush and your brush shows signs of poor maintenance, it may not be covered by the warranty. Think about:
- Toothpaste residue / poor cleaning
- Damage due to falls or bumps
- Aggressively change brush heads
- Using wrong charger
Please note: the warranty only applies to the functionality of the toothbrush, not to aesthetic matters. Do you want to know how to properly maintain your brush? You can read that here!

Boombrush lifetime warranty

But wait, there's more: If you purchase a Repeat at Boombrush, we also offer you a lifetime warranty. Yes, you read that right. Lifetime! Don't have a Repeat yet? Close it here . This way you can take good care of your teeth for the rest of your life and continue to enjoy a beautiful smile!

NB! To claim Boombrush's lifetime warranty, we apply the rule that you must purchase the Repeat within 3 months of purchase. Not only are you covered for life, but you never have to worry about running out of brush heads.

A lifetime warranty really means as long as you live (or until we stop making toothbrushes). Of course, this also applies here - you will not be eligible for the warranty if you do not take good care of your Boombrush. This includes letting toothpaste residue build up, dropping it, aggressively changing brush heads, or using the wrong charger. This may all sound unthinkable, but unfortunately we see it all happening in practice. In short, if you take good care of your Boombrush , it will also take good care of you! If your toothbrush breaks after 2 years, you only pay the shipping costs (€7.50) for a new one and the return of the old one. We will only send you the handle, if you also need a new charging cable, the costs are 8 euros.

No guarantee?

If your warranty has expired or your toothbrush has broken due to incorrect use or maintenance, we would still like you to be able to continue brushing with Boombrush and we would like to offer you an alternative solution. This way you can continue to enjoy clean teeth. Nice, right? Contact our Support team or fill in the form directly and we will find a good solution together.

How does it work?

  1. We ask you to complete our form .
  2. In order to be able to handle warranty cases as quickly as possible, we do not ask you to send the brush to us first, but to make a video yourself so that we can immediately assess the problem. Very pleasant for everyone.
  3. You will receive a response to your submission within 24 hours.

Try it out for 60 days?

You can try it out free of charge for the first 60 days after purchasing your Boombrush. We understand that sonic brushing can take some getting used to for many. If you are not convinced within 60 days, you can contact our support team or complete our return form immediately. They will then help you with your return. Unfortunately, our money back guarantee expires after day 60, but we hope you can make someone else happy with it. It may take up to 21 days after the toothbrush has been shipped before the money is returned to your account.


You must return the brush in the original box including the original accessories. You may also use a PostNL letterbox box (LxWxH 370 x 260 x 30) or other letterbox box/envelope. If you do not want or are unable to do so, you can arrange for the parcel to be shipped yourself, or we will charge €7.50 for shipping afterwards. This applies to both returns and defects.