We are here to make you fresh, confident and positive for good.

we are here

Everything is more fun together, which is why we are always there for you, always available and always approachable. We are in the competition to make life fresh, confident and good with you.

to make you fresh

We are always working to develop the best products for you to take care of your mouth as fresh and as good as possible. We do this because we believe that a fresh smile helps you start your day fresh and face any challenge with confidence.

confident and positive

A fresh and healthy smile gives you confidence. Self-confidence to express yourself, speak up and above all to get the best out of yourself

for good

We make sure that everything we make is sustainable, recyclable and healthy. We use good materials, think extensively about sustainable packaging and shipping and recycle everything we get back ourselves. We are not only here for today, but also for tomorrow. We do everything the right way, for good.



Tree brush. So fresh. So good.
People with self-confidence are more optimistic about life. Self-confidence starts with a fresh and healthy mouth that gives you the courage to speak up, laugh and be intimate.

But we need to do more than make you fresh and confident. We have to do it in a way that also helps the environment.

At Boombrush we take care of your freshness - the right way. We provide environmentally friendly oral care products and services for everyone. If we think we can do better, we always will.

We challenge the traditional oral care industry with innovation - by reimagining who they are for; always with the environment in mind.

'innovation for good'

Uncompromising & Aware

Optimistic & Confident

Honest & Clear

Collaborative & Creative

Uncompromising & Aware

Optimistic & Confident

Honest & Clear

Collaborative & Creative

our people

things are so much better when we're in it together

We are your optimistic friend. The dreamer. The benefactor. We are all about pure simplicity and happiness. These are the smiles behind Boombrush:

Kim - Marketing Manager

I started this adventure 4 years ago with the idea that oral care should be easier and more fun. Boombrush is for everyone, helps you develop a better routine and prevents plastic waste. We want to do it the right way, so we do what feels right. That's what I get up for every day.

Steve - General Manager

I fell in love with Boombrush because I've been annoyed for years by the plastic I waste every day in my cleaning routine and because all brands are so similar. I start and end every day with brushing my teeth, so that moment can be a bit more fun, and easier. Boombrush does it the right way!


The mouth is one of the most intimate areas of man. Good, pure and honest products contribute to self-confidence and positivity.

Team Boombrush


good way

working with conscious partners

We only work with partners who value sustainability and positivity.

choices that feel good

With every choice we test whether it feels good enough for us to continue with it.

recycle as much as possible

We only use high quality and recyclable materials. And we recycle it ourselves. Because just saying it's recyclable isn't enough.

we are here for everyone

We don't care where you come from, what preferences you have or what beliefs are important to you. We have respect and love for everyone! So especially for you.

we do good.

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