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Boombrush promises to be your last toothbrush ever, but that can only be done with a sustainable business model. That's why we recycle ourselves.

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Everyone knows that plastic use is a global problem. A healthy life includes a healthy planet. That is why you will receive a recycle bag at Repeat that you can return free of charge. Help us and make sure that your oral care products do not end up with the waste.

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Collect your products

With your first order you will receive a recycle bag in which you can collect 8 products (brush heads or toothpaste).

Send the products back

If the recycle bag is full of 8 products (or more if it fits) you can return it to us free of charge. You will then receive a new recycle bag.

Time to recycle!

When the products have arrived at us, we ensure that they are properly recycled and that they are given a new life.



At Boombrush we take care of your freshness - the right way. We provide environmentally friendly oral care products and services for everyone. If we think we can do better, we always will.

We challenge the traditional oral care industry through innovation - by reimagining who they are for; and always with the environment in mind.



All corrugated cardboard in our packaging is FSC certified and all paper in our packaging is unbleached, uncoated and 100% recycled. And of course the packaging is completely plastic-free.

To reduce the environmental impact of transport, all our product packaging is produced in the Netherlands.

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Never run out of brush heads again.