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Discover the BOOM Paste!

Contributing to the environment, teeth that have never been so clean and fresh and saving on a walk to the drugstore. With the BOOM Paste you get it all!

If you want to add the BOOM Paste directly to your Refill plan, do so here ! Read on for more information about the BOOM Paste.

After months of testing, tasting and brushing, we are hereby launching our own toothpaste! This is without a doubt the toothpaste you have been missing all along. Why? The BOOM Paste has an environmentally friendly tube that is 100% recyclable and ensures that you never use too much toothpaste and contains everything you need for fresh and healthy teeth. The BOOM Paste is also environmentally conscious because, unlike other toothpaste, it does not contain microplastics! Enough for no less than 60 days of cleaning pleasure! After all, with the BOOM Paste Refill plan you will never run out of toothpaste again! Add it to your account now!

Guaranteed fresh and clean cleaning

The BOOM Paste is a fresh blue toothpaste gel. The toothpaste prevents discoloration, which ensures that you get and keep whiter teeth. This is caused by the ingredient acting as a tartar control agent, removing calcium and magnesium from saliva. The fluoride strengthens the enamel and reduces the risk of cavities for permanently healthy teeth. Finally, the BOOM Paste contains a fresh peppermint aroma which ensures fresh breath! Exactly everything you need, and nothing more.

Based on the ISO standard, no less than 80% of the ingredients in the Boompaste are of natural origin. In addition, the formula contains no microplastics and is completely animal-free and gluten-free.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

An environmentally friendly tube, how about that? First of all the material; the tube is made of HDPE with a 5% EVOH barrier, 100% recyclable and can be returned through us recycling program . The opening of the tube is smaller than other toothpaste tubes, so you never use too much toothpaste per brushing and you prevent overconsumption. Better for the environment, because your tube lasts longer, but also better for your teeth! It is recommended to only use a pea-sized drop when brushing your teeth. This ensures that you swallow as little toothpaste as possible. read here even more tips and advice for healthy teeth.

TREE Refill

Do you always find out just too late that your supply of toothpaste has run out? With our refill program you don't have to worry about that anymore. Just like us refill program for the brush heads you will never run out of BOOM Paste again! Simply a service that does exactly what its name promises! The tube is designed in such a way that you can easily dose and have 60 days of cleaning pleasure. With BOOM Refill you always receive the toothpaste at the same time as your new cup, right on time!

Do you not have an active Refill plan, but do you want to receive the BOOM Paste? Don't panic, just a little patience! The BOOM Paste will soon also be available separately in our webshop . Keep an eye on our channels for the latest updates! Still hesitating to switch to a Refill plan? read here the advantages!