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  • Should I choose soft or regular?

    90% of our customers are very satisfied with the regular brush. It has been developed for optimal comfort and results and is equipped with a handy tongue scraper. If the regular finds a bit too hard, the soft may be better. You can order this as a 4-pack, or adjust it in your subscription.

  • How does Repeat work?

    With Repeat you will receive a new brush head every 8 weeks so that you always have enough stock for a fresh smile. With Repeat you also have free shipping and a lifetime warranty on the Boombrush. Pause or stop at any time.

  • Do you also have bamboo brush heads?

    Bamboo is not as sustainable as we would like. Plastic (about 12%) is still needed to make the mechanism in the brushes. This plastic ends up in household waste and cannot be recycled. Super sin. Until we come up with another solution for this, we will remain committed to 100% recycling of everything we make, which is not possible with bamboo brushes.

  • Do you also have repeat for other brands of toothbrushes?

    We have developed our brushes to work optimally with the Boombrush. at the moment we cannot offer brushes for other toothbrushes. We would like to welcome you as a customer with a new Boombrush.

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  • What is Repeat and how does it work?

    With the Repeat we will send you a new brush head every 4, 8 or 12 weeks. This way you always have a fresh brush on time and you can get the most out of your toothbrush. You can adjust, pause or stop your Repeat at any time in your Boombrush account. In addition, with a Repeat plan you have a lifetime warranty on your Boombrush.

  • When can I change my Repeat preferences?

    Whenever you want! Please note that you stop or pause the Repeat option at least 24 hours before the next shipment, otherwise we can no longer cancel the shipment and it will be charged and sent. We will send you an email as a reminder at that time.

  • How can I extend my Repeat?

    How nice that you want to expand the Repeat! You can easily do this in your account on our website. Here you can also adjust the hardness of your brush(es). If you are unable to resolve this, our customer service will of course be happy to help you!

  • How often is it recommended to replace my brush?

    Our experts recommend replacing them every 2 to 3 months. When brush heads are used regularly, the bristles of your brush head or toothbrush can wear down, making them less effective at cleaning your teeth. Clinical studies also show that a new brush head removes more plaque than a used brush head.

  • Can I choose how often I get my Repeat?

    Which can! Via your Boombrush account you can indicate how often you want to receive a Repeat. This is set to once every three months by default, but you can also change this to once every two months or once a month.

  • Why don't you sell bamboo brush heads?

    This is a very conscious choice! Bamboo is less hygienic as it can retain moisture and therefore bacteria. In addition, such bamboo cups often still contain a part of plastic. Our choice is therefore to continue to use the current cups made of plastic and to give our customers the opportunity to return the used cups to us so that we can recycle them and thus jointly reduce our plastic waste!

  • What if I want multiple brush cups at a time with a Repeat?

    Of course you can! You can simply add an extra brush head/paste to your Repeat. You can do this in your Boombrush account. Here you can also adjust the frequency of your Repeat.

  • What is the difference between the soft and regular brushes?

    The biggest difference is of course the hardness of the brushes. The bristles of the soft brushes are slightly softer and therefore more suitable if you have sensitive teeth.


  • How can I track my order?

    If you buy a brush, you will receive a confirmation email from us, which also contains a link to a Track & Trace code. With this code you can easily follow it.

    Other orders are sent by post. You can track this via the PostNL app. Then you know when it's almost there.

  • Do I have to pay for the shipping?

    If you buy a brush, we ship it for free! You also do not have to pay shipping costs for a Repeat. For loose products such as cables and brush heads we charge € 2.00 shipping costs, provided that the total amount remains below 40 euros.