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This is how you take care of your Boombrush

We promise that the Boombrush will be your last toothbrush ever, but then you have to take good care of it. Do you have a Boombrush at home and do you want tips on how to best maintain it? We teach you in this blog!

Don't push too hard while brushing

Do you feel that your teeth become cleaner when you put a lot of force behind the brush? That is not true! The 40,000 vibrations of the Tree brush provide enough power to keep your teeth clean. Provided you have your brush head, of course replaced on time . If you continue to brush for too long with the same brush head and/or push too hard while brushing, the quality of the head will deteriorate more quickly. So trust the power of brushing and let the Boombrush do the work!

Be careful when changing your brush head

Time to change your brush head? Make sure you remove your old brush head with a straight movement instead of a circular movement. When you remove the brush head with a twisting movement, there is a good chance that the pin will be twisted. This can ensure that the pin is no longer in the right place, which reduces the vibrations of the brush.

Keep the holder clean

Do you want to ensure that your Boombrush continues to vibrate optimally? Then try to clean the intermediate piece between the holder and the brush head once every two weeks. By properly maintaining this, you prevent toothpaste residues and limescale from accumulating and the brush head no longer connects properly to the pin that transmits the vibrations to the cup. Do this by properly removing the cup from the body, then you can remove all the dirt with water. Finally, dry everything well and put the cup back on the body.

Avoid limescale around the button

In addition to keeping the contact surface with the brush head clean, it is important to dry the button thoroughly after use and to remove residues. When limescale builds up around the button, it loses its function. What can happen next is that you can no longer operate the brush and button properly. So make sure you keep it clean every day.

Charge it only when necessary

The Boombrush has a durable battery of no less than 90 days. When the battery is almost empty, the light at the bottom of the brush will turn red. Usually you can use it for a few more days. The moment the brush gives the signal that the brush is almost empty is the moment that you need to put the brush on the charger. This in contrast to your previous electric or sonic brush that you probably put back on the charging station every day. By only charging the battery when it is (almost) completely empty, it retains its quality. Charging it more often than necessary can lead to defects more quickly.

Don't let him fall

It sounds logical but it happens faster than you think. Place your Boombrush firmly to prevent the risk of falling. Because you only have to charge the Boombrush 4 times a year, we have omitted a charging station. So make sure you place the brush on a solid surface. Does your sink not have this space? Consider, for example, a stylish bathroom organizer.

Brush wisely!