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The benefits of a subscription toothbrush

Honestly, how long do you use your toothbrush attachment before you replace it with a new one? Chances are your answer to this question is: too long. But why is that? While you're brushing, you probably think that your attachment needs to be replaced. But as soon as you turn off the brush, you have forgotten this thought. What do you do about this? Get a toothbrush with a Refill subscription. Why? You can read that here.

Without thinking a new brush head on your doormat

When placing your order you will be given the choice between a toothbrush with or without a subscription. If you choose a brush without a subscription, there is a good chance that you will be using the cup for too long. Take better care of your teeth and choose a toothbrush with a subscription to the brush heads. This way you never forget to replace your brush head in time!
But what can you expect from a BOOMBRUSH ? Experience sonic brushing with five different modes. You can switch modes with a short press of the button and switch off the brush with a long press. The brush remembers in which position you have put it. Moreover, you only have to charge the brush 4 times a year!