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Oral care tips for a carefree summer!

We can go on vacation again! And who wants to worry about charging your toothbrush on holiday?! Whether you are going away for a weekend in the Netherlands, making a car trip to France or going on a world trip, the Boombrush is indispensable! Read on to find out why the Boombrush should be at the top of your packing list!

Boombrush: 90 days battery

You are going on holiday so you want to leave everything that takes extra effort at home, for example charging your toothbrush. Many people will therefore choose to pack a manual toothbrush out of convenience. However, you should take extra good care of your teeth when traveling! You go out for dinner, can't resist the Italian ice cream or order a soft drink instead of a water. After all, it's vacation! Immediately Tree brush you deal with the consequences of this. In addition, the battery of the Tree brush whopping 90 days so you can leave that charger at home and not worry about an empty battery!

Oral care tips while traveling

Going on a worry-free trip doesn't mean you have to dental care can also leave at home. That's why here are five tips to keep taking good care of your teeth during your holiday.

1. Drink plenty of water!

Hydration is key when it comes to your dental health. Drinking enough water is important for saliva production. Saliva is the number one natural protection for your teeth and gums. So make sure you have that refreshing cola or cocktail as well enough water drinks! Dehydration causes a dry mouth, which puts you at risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

2. Don't bite ice

The best way to cool down on holiday is to eat an ice cream or add some extra ice cubes to your drink. But be careful with chewing ice! This can cause damage to your tooth enamel, which makes your teeth more sensitive to heat and cold. When you regularly expose your teeth to different temperatures, there is an increased risk of cavities and bacteria. So enjoy your ice cream and don't compete to see who has it first ;)

3. Tap water or spring water?

Before you travel, check whether the tap water of the destination country is safe to drink. In some countries it is not recommended to drink tap water. It tap water often contains a lot bacteria due to, for example, poor maintenance of the water pipes or low water pressure. Therefore, when brushing your teeth, make sure that you consume as little of this water as possible. This water is not recommended for nothing! You can always keep a cup or bottle of spring water by the sink to use during your brushing routine.

4. "Wash Your Hands"

After the pandemic, the custom is around you hands at to wash extra well ingrained. This tip will therefore be superfluous for most, but an extra reminder never hurts. In addition to drinking water, your hands can also be a carrier of bacteria, so always wash your hands before brushing your teeth. It would be a shame if you gave all the bacteria you collected that day room in your teeth while flossing, firing or brushing your teeth! Travel tip; take a bottle disinfection gel in your bag ;)

5. Plan your dental visit

If you use the above tips daily while traveling, you should be fine! However, it never hurts to pay a visit to the after returning home dentist . You may have brushed your teeth less precisely because you were in holiday mode or those extra ice creams have caused your enamel to be slightly affected. Plan your appointment in advance so that you don't forget or postpone it when you immediately roll back into your busy life after returning home. In addition, you can immediately make your dentist jealous with your holiday stories and the result of the Boom brush !