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We? We are BOOMBRUSH. The sonic toothbrush subscription to a healthy smile. We believe that everything starts with a healthy mouth. Not only because your mouth is your business card, but also the basis of your health. And in our view, oral care can always be improved. Easier, more affordable and more effective. We therefore believe that healthy living is a conscious choice, and we want to help you make that choice again and again. With BOOMBRUSH you not only choose a healthy mouth, but also a healthy planet. Our mission? A healthy smile for everyone. Meet BOOMBRUSH.


In our opinion, a toothbrush is only good when it is the best. Therefore the BOOMBRUSH become a powerful sonic toothbrush with character. In addition to a 90-day battery, a handy quad-pacer function, 5 different vibrations, and soft, carbon-injected bristles, the toothbrush has a smart and timeless design and a lifetime warranty.

A handy quad pacer feature

When you brush your teeth, you also want to make sure that you do this as effectively as possible. The handy quadpacer function gives a signal every 30 seconds, so you know when to change the corner of your mouth. This way you can be sure that you have effectively cleaned your mouth after two minutes.

5 different vibrations

With five different positions, the BOOMBRUSH makes it possible to give your mouth a customized cleaning. For example, the clear mode is suitable for anyone who is brushing sonic for the first time, the swipe mode is especially for people with sensitive teeth, the pulse mode is for massaging your gums, the switch mode is for cleaning your cheek or tongue. and the power mode is suitable for removing plaque for whiter teeth.

A powerful battery that lasts 90 days

After a single charge of 10 hours, the BOOMBRUSH lasts about 90 days. You can even travel with the brush without having to charge it in between. The brush indicator light shows when the battery is low. You can still brush with it for a week, so you're always prepared for the next charging time.

A smart and timeless design

With the smart and timeless design of the BOOMBRUSH you not only give your oral care, but also your bathroom an upgrade. The timeless design suits any interior and thanks to the slim design of the brush, you can easily reach even the hard-to-reach places in your mouth.

Lifetime Warranty with BOOMBRUSH Refill

You can expect the very best oral care from BOOMBRUSH. Is your toothbrush not working properly or are you not satisfied? Then you will simply receive a new BOOMBRUSH or your money back from us.

The BOOMBRUSH Refill subscription

Did you know that the brush head of your toothbrush already contains about 7 million bacteria after three months? That's so many bacteria that it can make you sick. And that alone was reason enough for us BOOMBRUSH Refill to introduce. A subscription that automatically sends you a new brush head every 3 months. This way you never have to think about replacing your toothbrush and you are always assured of a hygienic and efficient brush attachment. Because the efficiency of your brush head also decreases the more you use it. For example, over time, the bristles of your brush will grow apart, resulting in less effective cleaning. And that not only has a negative effect on the health of your mouth, but also on your overall health.

Pause or stop Refill

With a BOOMBRUSH Refill subscription you are not committed to anything. After purchasing the BOOMBRUSH, we make an online one BOOMBRUSH account on for you. Here we keep track of when it is time to send you a new brush head and you can log in yourself to pause, adjust or stop your Refill at any time. In addition, you will always receive an email from us a week in advance for each Refill reminding you of your next Refill. No long notice periods or catches in the grass with us. If you want to take a break, we will arrange that for you immediately. This is how we make oral care easy again.

The BOOMBRUSH recycling program

At BOOMBRUSH we are not only happy to promote a healthy mouth. For us, a healthy mouth also includes a healthy planet with it BOOMBRUSH recycling program . In the Netherlands alone, around 60 million brush heads end up in the trash every year. Stacked up, that's a circle around the moon. That is why we at BOOMBRUSH work together for less waste and you will receive a recycling bag with every Refill that allows you to return your brush heads for free. In Volendam we collect and separate the materials, which are then used as raw materials for new products. This is how we work together on a healthier planet, one brush head at a time.

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