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The day of smiles

In the year 1963, Harvey Ball developed the most cheerful and one of the most used symbols today, namely the Smiley. The Smiley is a symbol that is used all day today. On our phones, we love adding a Smiley to every message. And let's face it, a Smiley also makes everything a lot more fun!

What is Smile Day?

The reason that the day of the smile was created is because the Smiley was soon used for commercial purposes. This went beyond Harvey Ball's goal, which was to put a smile on someone else's face. That is why the idea for World Smile Day, also known as World Smile Day, was born. Harvey felt that at least one day a year should be spent smiling and being kind to another. Every year on the first Friday of October it is Smile Day. On this day you can make sure you help someone else laugh. The motto of this day is therefore “do a kind deed: help a person smile”.

Make someone laugh!

If you like to make someone else feel good and make them laugh, then this day is the right time for this. A beautiful smile is therefore not to be missed on this day, so this is the perfect time to get one Tree brush to give as a gift. With the Tree brush make sure your smile or someone else's can really shine. The sonic brush cleans your teeth with no less than 40,000 vibrations per minute, so your smile is completely clean every day!

Who will you make smile on the Day of Smiles?