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Boombrush, the sustainable toothbrush!

September 6th is Sustainable Tuesday! And whoever says sustainable .. says Boombrush of course. By brushing your teeth with a Boombrush you are doing a great job when it comes to oral care and the planet. Can't be more sustainable! Why? We explain that in this blog.

Sustainable Tuesday, it is also called the Prince's Day of Sustainability! The use and benefits of the Boombrush fit in perfectly with this. That's why here's a list of things you save on when using this sustainable toothbrush becomes part of your daily routine!

Ecological toothbrush

In the Netherlands alone, about half a million kilos of brush heads end up in the waste every year. Stacked up, that's a circle around the moon! Burning 10 kilos of plastic waste emits 23 kilos of CO2. We solve this problem with us recycling program . With an active Refill plan you will always receive a fresh brush head at your home. After use, you can easily recycle the cups using our recycling program . Join Boombrush , brush with the sustainable toothbrush and save no less than 1,200,000 kilos of CO2!

Energy-saving battery

Did you know that the Boombrush has the most durable battery of all toothbrushes? With ten hours of charging, your Boombrush can go ahead for another 90 days! This means that you only have to tap power 4 times a year. We thought that would be nice, especially during this time. This way you not only save on your own energy bill, but you also contribute to a green planet. Win win!

Your last toothbrush ever

Due to the energy-saving battery, among other things, we are convinced that Boombrush will last much longer, because you have to charge it less often, which increases the life of the battery. That is why we give a lifetime warranty on the brush. The lifespan of the Boombrush is therefore also many times greater, nice and durable. And if something breaks, we take the brushes back and investigate whether the defect can be made, nice and durable!

We plant a tree for every Boombrush

Especially for sustainable Tuesday we started a great collaboration with TreesForAll. This foundation plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad to contribute to a better planet, more biodiversity and a healthier living environment for humans and animals! Our goal? Planting a thriving TREE forest! Do you like nature, sustainability and is the planet not green enough for you? Then get one now Tree brush and we plant a tree in the forest.