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Black, the color for your bathroom!

Just like with the decoration of the rest of the house, there are also trends that have to do with the look of your bathroom. It is currently very trendy to add black to the bathroom. Not only as an accent color, but also as a full color. Are you curious? Read more quickly below!

Black bathroom furniture

Black is becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom, so you no longer only have to work with black accessories, but more and more people are opting for black bathroom furniture. Nowadays you can opt for black toilets, sinks, shower walls and taps. With these black parts of your bathroom you not only provide a cool look, but also a hotel-chic feeling.

An advantage of this trend is that the color black is timeless, which is great for a bathroom so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Black never really goes out of fashion, so it's a safe trend to join.

Black accessories for your bathroom

Do you find it a bit exciting to opt for large black surfaces or objects in your bathroom? Then you can of course also choose to work with black accessories. With this you can completely style your bathroom and still go along with the trend. For example, you can use black bathroom mats, towels and other nice decorative pieces. Black accessories are therefore easy to combine with natural materials and neutral colors, so you get a beautiful bathroom.

Oral care that suits your bathroom

Sometimes the products in your bathroom can ruin the look of your bathroom a bit. It is therefore nice if your products match well with your bathroom. If you go along with this trend for bathroom then the black Boombrush of course a perfect match! So you have a functional toothbrush that also looks very nice in your bathroom. Would you rather get started with lighter colors? Then the white Boombrush of course also a good choice. If you opt for a refill plan with your Boombrush, you can also choose to add the BOOM Paste , this packaging also looks great in your bathroom.