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Apply your toothbrushing routine to working from home

It is clear that we have made brushing our teeth part of our habit. From an early age we are taught to perform this act when we get up and again before going to sleep. Some people like to brush their teeth more often in a day, others sometimes forget. But the moment we brush, the actions are routine: good top and bottom and don't forget the back molars. Something that is less part of our routine, but which has become forced, is working from home. And due to the partial lockdown announced at the beginning of October, we all have to believe it again. But how do you create a good routine that will become a habit over time? We help you with a few tips that make this easier, so that you can also perform at your best at home.

Make a realistic to-do list

When making a schedule, we as humans tend to put together as much as possible. That way it seems like we are very busy and that creates satisfaction. You've probably put a task that you've already done on your to-do list, only to cross it off immediately. This also contributes to that feeling of satisfaction. What works best is writing down specific to-do's, such as: finishing chapter 1, calling Rianne about the meeting or making an appointment at the municipality to collect my ID card. That way you define the task and you finish it faster. Compare it to shopping. When you put ‚ dinner, lunch and snack on your list, you probably come home with all kinds of nonsense. If you write down exactly what you need, that's what will eventually end up in your bag. Another way to complete your to do's faster/better is to start with the biggest or hardest on your list. No matter how your day goes on, you have always completed a big task.