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Faster developments and a better customer experience thanks to the strategic partnership of Lassus dentists

Boombrush is a fast-growing brand with a mission: to make brushing teeth more fun and easier. If you have a Boombrush with a subscription, you will never have to buy a new toothbrush again. The goal: Boombrush, the third largest toothbrush brand in Europe. And that is what we will become, in collaboration with our strategic partner Lassus dentists, with whom we will introduce new articles, a better customer experience and knowledge within Boombrush.

What are we going to achieve?

Boombrush believes that oral health should be more fun, easier and affordable. Together with Lassus dentists, we will ensure that we can provide all customers with a complete oral care package in the subscription with the products you need to take good care of your mouth. That package will eventually consist of a good toothpaste, which is as environmentally friendly as possible, floss, mouthwash and stokers that you can use every day and everything else that comes with it.

In addition, with the help of the partnership we will focus even more on customer experience, our products are constantly being developed and improved in collaboration with dentists so that we can offer you the optimal products and customer experience. In addition to constantly improving our products, we also add a lot of knowledge to Boombrush through the collaboration, which means that we can advise you much better and share educational blogs and information with you.

Together we make oral care more fun and easier!