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Recycle your old cardboard boxes!

December is the time for many people to do their shopping for the holidays such as Sinterklaas and Christmas. When ordering all the presents for your friends and family, you often collect a lot of shipping boxes in your house and these boxes often end up in the paper bin. Fortunately, we have collected some fun ideas that you can do to recycle your cardboard shipping boxes and make something fun out of it!

What can you do with shipping boxes?

Due to all the Black Friday orders and holiday gifts, a lot of shipping boxes are coming in. With these boxes you can of course do much more than just throw them away. For example, the cardboard boxes are not only perfect for making Sinterklaas surprises, you can also make a lot of other fun things for your home, for example. It is of course always very nice to do old-fashioned crafts at the kitchen table with your children or just with your friends. In addition, you are also working sustainably by reusing the cardboard, so we have some nice examples of how you can do this.

Idea 1: A decorative lightbox

You can make a lightbox from an old cardboard box and it looks really nice in a children's room, for example. For example, you can cut figures of your choice from the cardboard, stick a tissue paper behind it and put lights on battery in it.

Idea 2: Standing 3D animals

This is a craft idea that anyone can do with cardboard boxes. Look up the shape of an animal online, print it out and outline it with a marker on the cardboard. Then you can cut out, decorate and display the animal and the stand!

Idea 3: A lantern

With this do-it-yourself you can choose how you will make the lantern to your taste! By drawing shapes on the cardboard you can cut them out and make a lantern that suits you! Add some tissue paper to the inside and use lights to complete the lantern.

Do you want to see how this can make different fun things with old cardboard? Then take a look at our instagram for the tutorial videos.