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Our renewed brush head

Every set of teeth is different, which automatically means that every person can have a different preference for brush heads. We regularly get the question from our loyal cleaners whether a harder brush can also be introduced on the market and we have listened to this!

We have created a new design, produced it and had it tested by a large part of our existing customers. No less than 97% of the test panel was very positive about the changes!

Difference soft vs. regular brush head

Nice new brush head, but what exactly is different about it? We were often told that our current brush had too soft bristles and that people needed more firmness. That is why the 'regular' brush head has slightly firmer hairs than the 'soft' brush head. In addition, the 'regular' brush head has a rubber back so that it does not vibrate annoyingly against the teeth while brushing, we also listened to that 😉

Don't panic, the soft brush head is still available in our range. If you eventually want to switch from soft to regular or vice versa, you can easily adjust this in your account . Our goal is above all to continue to innovate and expand our product range, in which your voice and preference are of course leading! For example, a completely new product will soon be available in the webshop, what this is we will keep a secret for a while!

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