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The good intentions of the Boom team

Good intentions, perhaps it has already been a topic of conversation at the kitchen table. The origin of this phenomenon goes back to the Babylonian times where promises were made to the Gods to return borrowed things. Nowadays people set good intentions for the coming calendar year. Do you always manage to fulfill these resolutions? In this blog we describe our good intentions for the year 2023!

Innovate together

Last calendar year we introduced several new products to the market, namely us new brush head and the Tree Paste . We would like to continue this line of developments, whereby we continuously think about innovations and listen to your vision. One of our intentions for the year 2023 is therefore to innovate for and with you! Did you know that you can think along when we have questions? Join it Boom Panel and help realize this intention.

A nice fact is that we are developing a new product. Did you know that it is important to brush your teeth twice a day? It is important to use the right material and firing method. Want to know more about the best way to stoke? read it here .

More durability

Sustainability, that is one of our starting points. A healthy life not only includes healthy teeth, but also a healthy planet. We have already implemented the sustainability aspect in various areas. Think about the possibility of it to recycle of your brush heads, ours durable battery of 90 days and our Lifetime Warranty. I hear you thinking; can it be even more sustainable? Of course! In recent years we have collected a lot of brush heads that you have returned after use. We kept these until we had enough to actually make something beautiful out of it. The time is now! We have now received so many brush heads that we have returned in collaboration with our partner Plasticite melt down the plastic into recycled plastic plates. For example, with your help we create our own sustainable material with which we can, for example, make new articles for you, have furniture made for our office, the options are endless! Do you have an idea? Let us know!

We make 2023 better and fresher