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How often you should replace your brush head

A large proportion of people forget to replace their brush head in time. Tell yourself, how long ago was the last time you replaced your cup? There's a good chance that you don't know that exactly, but that you secretly know that this was way too long ago. Your brush head wears out during brushing, which can reduce the effectiveness of your toothbrush. That is why it is recommended to replace your cup every 2-3 months. We recommend replacing your brush head every 2 months because you reach the maximum useful life of the brush every 3 months.

Why do you need to replace your brush head?

After 2 months of brushing with a brush head, the bristles lose their stiffness. The bristles are then less able to reach places that are less accessible, which reduces the effect of your toothbrush. In addition, your brush head becomes a breeding ground for bacteria after 2-3 months.

Research shows that more than 45 percent of people do not replace their brush heads on time. This is bad for your oral health and ensures that you cannot take optimal care of your teeth. Therefore, replace your brush head every 2 months.

A subscription to your brush head

Tell yourself, how often do you replace your brush head? We help you not to forget to replace your cup with the help of one subscription . Every 1, 2 or 3 months (your own choice) we send you a brush head so that you never forget to replace it on time. In addition, we would like to ask you to collect the used cups in the recycling bag supplied for this purpose and to return them to us after 4 cups so that we can recycle them for you. This is how we take good care of your mouth and the environment.

You probably do this way too little!