sonic brushing?

Sonic toothbrushing, the latest brushing technique. But what is it actually? And what is the difference with electric toothbrushing?

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the difference between

electric and sonic

The biggest difference is the movement the brush head makes. Electric toothbrushes have a rotating brush head. The sonic technology actually makes the bristles vibrate. At Boombrush, these vibrations even go up to 40,000 vibrations per minute! Due to this high level of vibration, you clean your teeth up to your gums, which ensures that you properly deal with built-up dental plaque.

Is sonic brushing


But what is the right guide to the success of a sonic teeth cleaner? We're going back to basics, because you brush just like a manual toothbrush! By this we mean that with sonic brushing you move the brush back and forth.

There is also a difference in the shape of the brush head between a sonic toothbrush and an electric toothbrush. With the electric brushing technique you use a round brush head, in this case you have to go through all your teeth individually.

With the sonic brushing technique, you use an oval brush head that always covers your entire tooth surface. By moving the brush back and forth, you also grab your gums for a thorough sonic dental cleaning!

what brushing technique

suits you?

Which brushing technique is better depends entirely on your personal preference. Have you just switched from a manual toothbrush to one of the new brushing techniques? And do you just enjoy a good scrubbing with your toothbrush? Then we recommend the sonic brushing technique! Do you have all the patience for brushing your teeth and would you rather go off them one by one? Then you better go for the electric cleaning technique.