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The powerful sonic toothbrush with timer, 5 modes and 90 days of battery life. Brush head and charging cable included.
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  • 90 days battery
  • 40,000 vibrations per minute
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 60 days trial
  • Brush head and charging cable included
How does the Refill plan work?
With a Refill plan, you will receive a new brush head every 2 months so that you always brush with a fresh brush head. Also, with the Refill plan you get free shipping and a lifetime warranty on the Boombrush. Pause or stop at any time.
Brushing with the Boombrush can take some getting used to. That is why you can try the Boombrush 60 days free of charge to get used to the power of sonic brushing. Still not satisfied? Please contact our customer service.
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Black / White
135 g
251 mm
Battery life
90 days
Charge time
10 hours
Battery type

Experience the power of sonic brushing

Our sonic toothbrushes are powerful and effective due to their high vibration speed of 40,000 VPM (vibrations per minute). The space between the brush and brush head is necessary to make the vibrations possible. Guaranteed to feel clean!

90 days battery

By charging the brush for 10 hours, the battery will last 90 days. That means charging 4 times a year. The indicator shows when the battery is low. After that you can brush for another 2 weeks, you never have to bring a charger with you!

5 Vibrations

The toothbrush has 5 modes. With a short push on the button you change the mode and with a long push you turn the toothbrush off. The brush remembers in which position you last used it.

1. Clear

Clear is the general mode of the brush for anyone who is sonic brushing for the first time.

2. Swipe

The second mode has less strong vibrations for people with sensitive teeth.

3. Pulse

This massaging mode is intended for the cleaning of the gums, the pulsating vibrations ensure good blood flow.

4. Switch

This mode alternates between hard and soft vibrations, which is pleasant when massaging the tongue or cheek.

5. Power

Power is the most powerful mode, with this mode you can remove more plaque which results in whiter teeth.

Brush head

The BOOMBRUSH toothbrushes have super fine and soft bristles, which ensure an effective and pleasant cleaning.

Refill Plan

With BOOMBRUSH Refill you will receive a new brush head every 2 months. This way, you always brush with an efficient and hygienic brush and give your teeth the best care.

Pause or stop at any time
Always a fresh brush head
Automatically and delivered to your home for free
Lifetime warranty


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