Tips & advice for healthy teeth

In order to prevent tooth decay, good dental care is extremely important. What exactly does good oral care consist of? And what are the most effective care tips for healthy and radiant teeth?


Everyone has a set brushing routine, which may have been learned from your parents in the past, or from your dentist who showed you the best way to brush when you were older. However, there are a few things you need to know to keep your oral health optimal. To help you, we recommend following a set brushing routine.

Brush in the morning and evening

Use a pea of toothpaste in the process

Drink at least 2 liters of water

This is good for your mouth and for your health

Daily brushing, flossing or stinging

First the lower jaw, then the upper jaw

Brushing technique

Brushing your teeth is important for the health of your teeth. But it is also important that you use the right brushing technique. When brushing sonically with a Boombrush, it is important that you make about the same movement as with a normal manual toothbrush. The difference here is that you can do this a lot calmer, and thus achieve a better result. Below you will find some other tips to improve your technique.


Use no more than a pea of toothpaste.


Make short, gentle movements with your toothbrush

Brushing order

First the lower jaw, then the upper jaw

Brush direction

Work slowly from left to right

All surfaces

Clean both the outside, inside and top of your teeth

Brushing time

Give extra attention to the transition from the gums to the tooth

Brushing time

Brush twice a day 2 minutes = 4 minutes a day

Tong cleaning

Cleaning your tongue helps against bad breath. Use a tongue cleaner for this purpose

Between your teeth

Floss, brush or stain your teeth daily

Periodic inspection

Visit the dentist and/or dental hygienist regularly to prevent dental problems. Good oral hygiene is very important for the health of your teeth, gums and overall health. Paying enough attention to your teeth will prevent dental problems and gum disease.

Prevent bacteria and moulds

Make sure you clean your brush head at the bottom at least once a week too

3 months Refill

Make sure you replace your brush head after 3 months at most. An outdated brush head is unhygienic and ineffective

Check-up every 6 months

During the periodic checkup, the dentist will check your teeth and the status of your gums

Tips & advices

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