There is more to a healthy mouth than only brushing

Here at BOOMBRUSH we know that a healthy mouth takes more than only 2 times brushing a day. The way we live, the way we eat and drink and our daily activities all influence the condition of our teeth and gums. Knowledge and innovation within oral care are changing and BOOMBRUSH wants to become the leader in that.

The 3 ingredients for a serious smile.

We believe there are 3 important things for a healthy mouth.



We collaborate with specialists to create honest and top-notch products and content.



A good routine is key for a healthy lifestyle. Explore how BOOMBRUSH can help to improve your routine.

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For perfect oral care, you need perfect products. We offer those products, for a fair price.

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What do the oral care specialists think?

Julia Akkerman

Oral hygiene practice Julia Akkerman

What I like so much about the Boombrush is that the brush meets the customer's wishes in many areas. In addition to the fact that the brush is very beautiful in design and polishes well, the company also pays attention to sustainability. For example, the brush heads are recyclable and the toothbrush only needs to be charged 4 times a year. I call that the best of both worlds!

Arwa Abdulhadi

Oral hygiene practice Panorama

As a dental hygienist, I always recommend using an electric toothbrush. Electric brushing has been proven to be more effective than brushing with a manual toothbrush. Why do I recommend Boombrush? It is a good sonic toothbrush that you only have to charge 4 times a year. Which can be used as a reminder at the same time to replace the brush attachment. You can send your used brush attachment and Boombrush will recycle it. So it is also an environmentally conscious company.

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