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Here you will find the frequently asked questions. Is the answer to your questions not here? Then you can contact us via whatsapp or send us an email on [email protected]

Popular questions

How does the 60 day trial work?
Most people have to get used to sonic brushing. That's why we allow you to  try the toothbrush for 60 days. If you return the toothbrush to us within this period, we will stop your Refill and you will get your money refunded. 
What is BOOMBRUSH Refill and how does it work?
With the BOOMBRUSH Refill program we send you a new brush head every 1,2 or 3 months. In this way, you always have a fresh brush on time and you can get the most out of your toothbrush. You can adjust, pause or stop your Refill at any time in your BOOMBRUSH account. Additionally, you get a lifetime warranty on your BOOMBRUSH with a Refill plan.

Can I buy a BOOMBRUSH without a Refill?
Yes this is possible! When ordering the BOOMBRUSH you can indicate that you do not want a Refill. Note that a brush without Refill is more expensive in that case. Do you want to know more about BOOMBRUSH Refill? Have a look at our Refill page.


Can I use BOOMBRUSH in the shower?
That is certainly possible! The brush is IPX7 waterproof. This means that it has been tested and that it can be 1 meter under water for a maximum of 30 minutes without breaking down. So you can definitely take it with you in the shower.
What makes the BOOMBRUSH unique?
The BOOMBRUSH is a good industrial design and has an unprecedented battery life of no less than 90 days, which makes it very suitable for travellers. The brush remembers your personal vibration preferences and in your BOOMBRUSH account you get useful tips to improve your oral health. In combination with a refill plan you have a lifelong guarantee and therefore you only purchase a BOOMBRUSH once. In addition, all brush heads are also recycled. 
What is the difference between sonic and electric brushing?
The BOOMBRUSH is a sonic toothbrush. Sonic toothbrushes vibrate between 30,000 and 40,000 times per minute! This allows a Sonic toothbrush to brush in places where a normal or regular electric toothbrush cannot. The high vibrations ensure that toothpaste, saliva and water can get between the teeth and under the gums.
Is the BOOMBRUSH also suitable for children?
Absolutely! Sonic toothbrushes can also be used well for milk teeth. Children under the age of 10 may experience the vibrations as unpleasant. That is why we are working on a children's brush as well. Would you like to stay informed of our developments? Then sign up for our newsletter!
What should I pay attention to during sonic brushing?
Sonic brushing and normal brushing are very similar. Make sure that you keep the toothbrush on your teeth at an angle of 45 degrees. If you do not do this properly, you will notice that a vibration is being transmitted to your teeth.  
How do I brush with a BOOMBRUSH?
 | It's very likely that you're new to sonic brushing, so we understand that some explanation might be in order! We recommend brushing with your BOOMBRUSH in roughly the same way as with a manual toothbrush. The movement is the same here, but you don’t have to move the brush as much because the brush itself is already moving for you!
How do I know when to charge the BOOMBRUSH?
When the BOOMBRUSH is almost empty, the light on the brush will turn red. That's how you know it's time to charge it up!
How can I select the different brushing modes?
You can change the brushing mode by briefly pressing the button with which you switch on the brush.

Shipping & Warranty

Do I have to pay for shipping?
If you buy a BOOMBRUSH, we will ship it for free! For a Refill you do not have to pay shipping costs either. For other products such as cables, we charge €1.50 shipping costs if the total amount remains below €40-.
What is the delivery time?
If you order before 10:00pm, you will receive your order the next business day.
Do I have a warranty on my BOOMBRUSH?
With a BOOMBRUSH Refill you have a lifetime warranty on your BOOMBRUSH! If your brush is any less than perfect at any time, you will receive a new one from us! If you do not have a Refill plan, we still give a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

My brush is broken, what now?
Even though it is rare, it sometimes happens that a BOOMBRUSH breaks. That is of course very annoying. Of course you cannot do without your toothbrush and it is important to have a working one as soon as possible. If you have a continuous Refill plan you can simply send a video of the broken brush to customer service. This is possible via whatsapp! We will ensure that you receive a brush from us as soon as possible!
I would like to return my BOOMBRUSH. How do I do that?
You can view our return conditions for detailed information. If you are sure of your choice, please contact our customer service. There we can help you further to process your return. Because we cannot reuse the brush head, we do charge a fee of € 5 for this.
I do not live in the Netherlands. Can I also get a BOOMBRUSH?
Of course! We currently deliver to 9 countries; The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Luxembourg. Would you like to have a brush, but don't live in one of these countries? Please contact customer service and we will ensure that you too can get a BOOMBRUSH. Although the shipping costs are slightly higher for us, we are happy to pay this on our behalf! You also pay the same for the refill if you prefer to receive it abroad. Keep in mind that the shipments can take a little longer. 


Can I get multiple brush heads at one time with a Refill?
Sure! You can simply add an extra brush head to your Refill program. You can do this at your BOOMBRUSH account. You can also add a brush head of a different color. That can be very useful if you share the toothbrush with someone, but you do not want to use the same brush head. This way, it is easy to tell them apart.
Can I choose how often I receive a Refill?
Yes you can! Via your BOOMBRUSH account, you can indicate how often you want a Refill. The default is set at once every three months, but you can also change this to once every two months or once a month.
When can I change my Refill preferences?
Whenever you want! Please note that you must stop or pause the Refill program at least 48 hours before the next shipment, otherwise we cannot cancel the shipment anymore, in which case it is sent anyway and we would have to charge you. We will send you another email by that time as a reminder.
I have received a new credit card, how can I adjust my payment details for the Refill?
You can easily adjust your payment details in your BOOMBRUSH environment!
I have ordered a BOOMBRUSH without Refill but I still want a Refill programme, is that possible?
Yes, if you have bought a BOOMBRUSH you can just turn on your Refill in the BOOMBRUSH environment.

Other questions

Who or what is BOOMBRUSH?
BOOMBRUSH is a new brand in oral care. We believe that oral care can be easier and more informed! Together with health experts we come to the core of good oral care. View the full story in our manifesto!
Why is there no charging block included with my charging cable?
The BOOMBRUSH only needs to be charged once every 3 months. With the included charging cable you can plug it into any USB port. You can charge it with your laptop for example, or you could use your phone charger. This way, there is another charger less in the environment!
I have lost my charging cable, what now?
Do not panic! Via the store it is possible to order a new one again. We do have to charge shipping costs for a single order. You will receive the new cable at home within 2 to 3 business days.
Why should I choose BOOMBRUSH?
Your oral health is important for you and therefore also for us. Personal issues such as the hygiene of your mouth require a personal approach. With BOOMBRUSH you have both good service and a strong product. BOOMBRUSH has been developed by a team of experts to guarantee that we deliver nothing less than perfect quality.
I am a professional and want more information about BOOMBRUSH
With BOOMBRUSH, we are working to build a network of specialists with whom we can continue to improve our products and services. We happily involve your dentist in this as well! You can let your dentist sign up here. We will then contact your dentist so that he or she can try out our products.
I’m still doubt. What can I do?
That's okay! Your oral hygiene is very important, so we understand better than anyone that you want to make the best choice. That's why you can try BOOMBRUSH for 60 days. Does it not live up to your expectations? Then you can return it for free within this time.

How does the recycling program work?
At BOOMBRUSH we not only care about the health of your mouth, but also the health of our planet. Sonic brushing already reduces your plastic consumption compared to a normal manual toothbrush, but at TOOT we like to do something extra. If you take a Refill, you will receive a specially designed pre-stamped envelope for you to put in your used brush heads. If it is filled with 4 brush heads, you can send it to us. We then ensure that these are properly recycled. View our recycling page for more information!
Are the brushes recyclable?
All BOOMBRUSHs that are broken or worn are recycled. The inside of the handheld is designed such that it can be recycled properly at our recycling partner in Volendam. For the environmentally conscious user we can replace only the brush battery after 5-7 years and send it back. 
Can I just use the charger with the block I use to charge my phone with?
Because we do not supply a charging block, this is a very logical question. The answer to this is yes! You can simply use the charging block of your mobile phone to charge your BOOMBRUSH.
Help, my BOOMBRUSH is not working properly anymore! What should I do?
How annoying! You can contact customer service and we will ensure that you receive a new BOOMBRUSH!
Can I share my BOOMBRUSH with multiple family members by using multiple brush heads?
The BOOMBRUSH's brush heads don't come off super easily and are generally not meant to be shared with other family members.
Can I use the BOOMBRUSH immediately when it arrives?
Of course! You can use the BOOMBRUSH immediately when it arrives. However, there is a good chance that it is not fully charged and that it will not last 90 days the first time.
How can I bring my Boombrush somewhere in a neat and tidy way?
At the moment we are working hard to develop a travel case and we will let you know when it’s ready! For now, you could just keep the Boombrush in your toiletry bag. Note: do not forget to remove the brush head from your Boombrush. It could break off due to the movement of luggage, which would be a shame! You could put these separately in a plastic bag for hygiene, for example.
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