The benefits of a toothbrush with subscription

Monday, February 22 2021

Honestly, how long do you use your toothbrush attachment before replacing it with a new one? Chances are your answer to this question is: too long. But how come? While you're brushing, you probably think that your attachment needs to be replaced. But as soon as you turn off the brush, you forget this thought too. What do you do about this? Get a toothbrush with a Refill subscription. Why? You can read that here.

A new brush head on your doormat without thinking

When placing your order, you can choose between a toothbrush with or without a subscription. If you choose a brush without a subscription, there is a good chance that you will use the head for too long. Take better care of your teeth and choose a toothbrush with a subscription to the brush heads. This way you never forget to replace your brush head on time!

But what can you expect from a BOOMBRUSH? Experience sonic brushing with five different modes. With a short press on the button you change the position and with a long press you switch off the brush. The brush remembers which position you have set. Moreover, you only have to charge the brush 4 times a year!

Choose the term of your toothbrush subscription yourself

When you have opted for a BOOMBRUSH with subscription, you decide how often you receive a new attachment. Most dentists and specialists recommend replacing your attachment every 2 to 3 months. After this period, the bristles lose their stiffness, with the result that they no longer reach the hard-to-reach places. In addition, you spread millions of bacteria through a brush that has been used for too long. After brushing your teeth you think that everything is wonderfully clean, but a brush head is often dirtier than you think. A toothbrush with a subscription therefore ensures cleaner teeth with fewer bacteria. Finally, it also comes down to personal preference. In your own account you can easily adjust the delivery of the brush head to a term that suits you. Would you rather decide for yourself when you receive a brush? Then it is possible to temporarily pause your subscription and order the brushes separately.

Recycle your used brush heads from your subscription

You can get the most out of your new toothbrush with subscription. Every time your Refill falls on the mat you are as happy as a kid. But what do you do with the brush heads you've already used up? Do you throw them away? At BOOMBRUSH you have the option to receive a recycling bag after every 3rd Refill. You put your used brush heads in this and you send them back to us free of charge. We then separate the materials in Volendam and use them again as raw materials for new products. In addition to the advantage of a toothbrush with a subscription, together we ensure less plastic waste.

Always a clean brush head
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