Oral care needs to be more fun, easier and affordable

We are convinced of the power of a beautiful smile. Not only because your mouth is your business card, but also the basis of your health. But, are you taking good enough care of your smile?

The current oral care market is stuck in old habits and we are going to change that. Isn't it time for a new approach?

This is how the idea of Boombrush was born. From the idea that oral care can be more fun, easier and more affordable. Because, say it yourself, how often do you replace your brush head?

It is our mission to offer as many people as possible everything they need in the field of preventive oral care.

We are not truly satisfied until everyone is smiling again.

Our adventure

Together with a small group of oral care professionals, we sat down around the table in 2019 to establish a new oral care brand. After a year of intensive research, we introduced the most important product in this: the Boombrush.

Now a year later, we already have more than 10,000 orders processed in Belgium and the Netherlands and are expanding to other countries. We are constantly working on improving our service.

But it doesn't end here, behind the scenes we are busy developing various new products so that we can soon provide you with everything you need for a perfect smile.


Boombrush is a young team that knows what they are doing with a heart for the business and a healthy smile, which is why we do our best to bring it to as many people as possible!
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