“Rotterdam-based Start-up Boombrush scores capital injection from dental entrepreneur”

With a new capital injection of EUR 2M, dental entrepreneur Thomas Rietrae and Boombrush, founded by Roland Verbeek and Elias van der Linden, are joining forces. Boombrush is a fast-growing brand with the mission of making brushing your teeth more fun and easy. Anyone who has a Boombrush with a subscription never has to buy a new toothbrush again. The goal: to make Boombrush the third toothbrush brand in Europe.

About Boombrush
Boombrush is created with the vision that oral care should be more fun, easier and affordable. "Preventive oral care is the key to a healthy smile and Boombrush is starting a revolution in the field of preventive oral care," said Roland Verbeek, founder and initiator of Boombrush and licensor to Nestlé Nespresso.

The Boombrush is a stylish, high-quality sonic toothbrush. In addition, the battery lasts for 90 days, which means you only need to charge it 4 times a year and the battery will last for years. The Boombrush comes with a Refill service on the brush heads so you never forget to replace your brush head on time. Thomas Rietrae, the owner of Lassus dentists, adds: "The Boombrush is a toothbrush that competes with established brands in terms of quality. It is becoming increasingly clear that good oral hygiene is related to an overall healthy body. Electric brushing helps with that."

"By welcoming Thomas Rietrae with his knowledge and vision on oral care, all the elements are complete to make good brushing accessible for everyone in a fun and easy way", states Elias van der Linden. A complete oral care package, developed in cooperation with Lassus dentists, is planned, so you always have the right products in-house to take good care of your smile. 

Boombrush is not only good for your mouth, but also for the environment. Old brush heads are recycled and because you charge the Boombrush less often the battery lasts much longer. Boombrush is good and sustainable and with the super convenient subscription you will never have to worry about your oral care again. Nearly 90% of Boombrush users say they would recommend our brushes to friends and family, especially for its brushing performance.

The investment
With the investment of  2M EUR, Elias and Kim, the daily management of Boombrush, are pursuing ambitious goals. By 2022, they plan to have grown by 400%. That means scaling up quickly and internationally and improving the service even more. The investors are convinced that the Boombrush will compete with the established brands in terms of quality and will therefore be among the top 3 toothbrushes in the world. The Rotterdam-based brand is ready for rocketing growth and shaking up the oral care market.

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