A green method for white teeth.

Boombrush makes the promise to offer your last toothbrush ever, but that is only possible with a sustainable business model. Thus, Boombrush thinks about the health of your teeth as well as the health of the world.

Recyclable products

Collection of used brush heads
Together with you, after four Refills, we collect your used brush heads, attachment heads and toothpaste tubes. Once enough material is collected, it will be recycled and we use this plastic for beautiful new products.

Researching plastic recycling
Together with Plasticiet, a Rotterdam-based company that makes new material from old plastic, we are researching recycling possibilities. This way we can give the plastic raw materials from your brush heads a valuable second life. Will you help us with that? Activate your Recycle program now.

Responsible packaging

Reduce plastics
Our brush heads are packaged in responsible bioplastic to ensure hygiene. Furthermore, all single-use plastics have been removed from our packaging.

Paper & cardboard
All the corrugated cardboard in our packaging is FSC certified and all the paper in our packaging is unbleached, uncoated and 100% recycled.

Production in the Netherlands
To reduce the environmental impact of transportation, all of our product packaging is produced in the Netherlands.

Sustainable products

Lifetime warranty
With the Refill program, the Boombrush has a lifetime warranty. This ensures that used brushes are returned and given a sustainable end-of-life.

No adapter
The Boombrush comes without USB adapter, because our battery and charging cable are compatible with the USB adapter of cell phones, among others.

Refill program

We make sure you replace the brush head of your Boombrush on time by periodically sending you new brush heads at home with the Refill program.

Green transport

Tranpsort by boat
The products of Boombrush are transported to the Netherlands by boat because it emits less CO2 than by air, rail or road.

CO2 compensation
All CO2 emissions during transport are compensated via our transport partner with the aim of eventually becoming climate neutral.

Assembly in the Netherlands

Only in the Netherlands our products gets assembled so that they are efficiently transported on the boat.

We like to do something in return

After a successful campaign with Trees4All, we decided to plant at least 250 trees each year. Hereby we try to give back to our planet what we could not yet save during production and transport.
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